Entre Naranjos - Beaches

Guardamar Local Beach

It's no more than a 15-minute drive to the nearest beaches, and you will find yourself spoiled for choice with more than 23 sandy beaches in the area. They have all been awarded the triple European Blue Flag and are cleaned daily during the summer season.

The beaches around Guardamar are very good; in fact the town is famous for its sand dunes. These are formed when the eastern winds push the sand inland from both the sea & the Segura river, creating dunes several metres high.

In the past these so-called "flying sands" advanced over 1,300 metres before entering the town. Today pine trees & other plants have been planted, which stop the progress of the sands. As a result a "tree day" is now celebrated in Guardamar, symbolizing the importance of the pine trees to the town for the younger generations.

Guardamar is also well known for its mild climate & the entire region enjoys sunshine for in excess of 320 days per year. The sun is at its hottest during the summer months, with temperatures rarely falling below 30C (86F). Winters are typically very mild with averages hovering around 18C (64F).

La Marina Beach

To the North of Torrevieja, follow the signs for Elche. Not commercialized, some sand dunes, with a shower. Small but very nice with an excellent sea food restaurant close to the beach.

  • La Zenia

    Just past Playa Flamenca. Medium Sized Clean Beach with water sports in the summer.

  • Cabo Roig

    Just South of La Zenia, great beach and fantastic beach bar. Lots of steps.

  • Pillar de la horredada

    Close to Campomar, so a good one if you're a golf widow. Very lively and lots of fun.

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